Saturday, February 4, 2023

Command Modern Operations - Handbrake!

 The last "Tiny" update to Command has been massive.

I'm currently working through the changes, trying to unlearn certain habits I had before. The part where you can have ATOs and operations planning has me very intrigued, but one thing at a time.

So to start with a small setup, I gave it a try with an scenario from the new Falklands DLC. This scenario is named Handbrake and simulates the 04MAY1982 Exocet strike by two Argentine Navy Super √Čtendards.

As seen above I have more or less the historical footprint of the real life operation save for the actual locations, that I omitted using a Learjet as decoy and that I didn't assign air cover for the AAR refueling mission "Posta". The P2 Neptune, assigned to patrol at "Mangrullo" has detected the ENY fleet and a strike package is seen in route for the naval anti-surface mission. Two Daggers are flying CAP at "Terere".

The tiny little step I made in my use of Command is that I used a "package" instead of a traditional mission. Also shown the in the screenshot above, the package has been assigned one of the surface contacts as a target. By its positioning at the trail of the ENY fleet formation, it is likely to be a DD in a picket mission.

Closing in with the target, the two Super √Čtendards drop altitude and turn on their radars for target acquisition. Two air contacts have just appeared NE of the strike package and the Daggers from CAP "Terere" have been caught out of their patrol area (returning from air to air refueling).

The launch of the first Exocet missile and the sharp turn of the flight lead of the package. Two ENY aircraft on their tails leaves little room to launch a second Exocet.

The second Exocet was launched manually from the Command interface. I am still not able to plan strikes against multiple targets. The range at which I launched bot missiles is a bit too high and gives plenty of room to the ENY fleet to mass their jamming power. Enough to side track the second Exocet.

The jamming is intense, but fortunately the first missile finds its target. The second one losses track and re-acquires the closest target, yet it fails to hit anything.

The scenario ends with a victory because of the heavy damage inflicted to an ENY DDG, but overall, it is not something that would hamper the ENY fleet's main mission to support the landing of troops on the Falklands/Malvinas.


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