Thursday, December 1, 2022

Combat Mission Red Thunder Battle Pack 1 - Met by Moonlight - AAR

 Another Combat Mission AAR, this one a bit abridged to avoid major spoilers.

This blog entry contains extra commentary and a link to a video report.

As mentioned in the video, the scenario resembles Circle the Wagons, an old classic from Combat Mission Shock Force. Both scenarios authored by GeorgeMC, by the way, and was re-written for Combat Mission Shock Force 2.

Coming back to the eastern front, the mission is very clear: protect both tanks from approaching Soviet dismounts holding hand-held AT weapons. Own troops include a halftrack, a couple of scout teams, one MG42 team and a sniper team.

At the beginning of the scenario, I thought that given the relatively low firepower at my disposal, mutual support would be required. Little did I know that the shrubs and other vegetation would be so obtrusive for our fields of fire.

One thing I got right, the halftrack was kept south out of range from the ENY fire. In the previous entry, we learnt about the extreme fragility of halftrack's gunners to ENY fire, and so the vehicle was kept seemingly out of trouble.

Just one surprise (see above) with an ENY rush, which was mowed down by the sniper team.

I'm inclined to think that what earned me this victory was the low visibility and the shrubbery, which favored ambushes and didn't allow the ENY to mass fires.

The scenario is richer than these brief notes may convey, but in the interest of not spoiling it for you, I will limit my comments to just the great trend.

And now, without further ado, the video report.


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