Sunday, February 5, 2023

Broken Arrow Demo Out Tomorrow

Broken Arrow is a large-scale real-time modern warfare tactics game. It will combine the complexity of a joint-forces wargame with the typical real-time tactics action-packed gameplay. The game's demo will be released tomorrow for all to enjoy.

Broken Arrow strikes me a bit off the (very) beaten trail of RTSs. From just playing the demo which features only 1 scenario, I feel is a bit more tactical than the usual "just feed tanks into it" pace of other RTS games out there.

The story for the scenario demo is more elaborate than in other games' scenarios and there is an obvious emphasis on fighting with the right weapons rather than just feeding the fray with more men, hulls and airframes. The scenario, for example, just places recon troops on the front and since there is no armor for your side you are doomed if you rush up front.

You will have to be patient with some graphical glitches and other game mechanics like missiles, tank rounds and lines of sight going too comfortable through trees and wooded areas.

I'm going to leave you with some screenshots I gathered from my preview and I'm looking forward to see everybody's reaction to it.

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