Monday, June 7, 2021

Combat Mission Cold War - US Infantry Fireteam Destroys Two Soviet Tanks in One Minute

The "acquire" command in Combat Mission allows infantry to pick up ammo or extra weapons stored in vehicles and bunkers. These weapons can make a huge difference in the heat of battle.

I am testing my user-made scenario and it turned out to play so nice that I'm gonna be in trouble completing it with all the trimmings (briefing, scoring, etc). This story is from one of those tests.

This is going to be just a screenshot post with a description below each of them.

My infantry has just arrived in their M2 Bradleys. The other side of the tree line is a horror show of Soviet mechanized battalion proportions. While still mounted, I order my infantry to pick up a Dragon launcher with missiles and those three LAW launchers.

This is a picture of my men, fully stocked with the acquired weapons. Moving into position.

There are trenches to man and missiles to fire now that my soldiers have made it into position. In this image a Dragon launcher is aimed at a Soviet tank.

Impact! A beautiful flank shot translates into one less MBT for the Soviets.

The same fire team in the same trench, putting those LAWs into good use. All the three of them.

The victim was a Soviet tank trying to negotiate a small stream. Tense moments and nerves of iron during this action: the tank was already turning towards the trench!

And at least two rockets hit their target. The Soviet tank is destroyed.

Make sure to check the loadout of your vehicles before you start a battle. They may carry your troops' chance of survival.


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