Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Battle Command, by Historical Software Corporation - Formation Movement!

Are you playing Battle Command? A new Golan Heights scenario is coming soon.

A platoon (+) awaits my orders near Salmunster. In this particular scenario, each counter represents a two vehicles section.

In the past, I have shied away from Battle Command scenarios with too many units. Pushing the units through the map one by one was not that fun.

Somebody pointed out to me that Battle Command has a "group orders" feature. You select a few units, designate a headquarters and that's it. Instant kampfgruppe!

The group orders interface (left window). In this case, I selected a platoon and a half worth of Bradleys and ordered them to follow waypoints. Right click this picture and open it into another window for a better view.
Another cool feature is to order the group to assume a certain formation. In this case a line formation, with the HQ unit a bit behind the main line. From this formation, you can order the group to move forward a certain amount of meters, keeping the original formation. It is also possible to set up the spacing between the units or wheel them into another direction. Right click this picture and open it into another window for a better view.

A top down view of my units. 



Bil Hardenberger said...

I'm happy to see he is still developing this game. Any work on an AI yet?

Obviously I have not kept up with developments...

Bipman said...

It's a great product now and AI is being developed as we speak.


Anonymous said...

This simulation is incessantly improved! and the editing functions are really awesome: you can create real world map, unit, sound, everything! AI is being developed! and the support by the developer in the forum is fantastic!


ikeos1 said...
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ikeos1 said...

Great game ..... I really recommend it to all. :)

JC said...

Thanks for your comments gents.