Tuesday, December 23, 2014

DCS UH-1H: Of Miniguns and Bad Flying

The Huey is a helicopter legend. The virtual one in DCS World is fantastic to fly. Add miniguns to it and you are all set for all sorts of mischief and destruction.

Check out my latest video.

For some reason I am having more success engaging targets with the side door miniguns than with the front ones.



badanov said...

Looks like fun for everyone but the bad guys.

As it should be.

Dimitris said...

What, no Ride of the Valkyrie theme? Sacriledge :)

JC said...

Hi badanov,

Thanks for watching. More is coming.


How is going? I am about to release a very, very humble CMANO scenario. It should be fun. :)


Dimitris said...

Hey JC,

We'll be eagerly waiting. It's been a hell of a ride!