Thursday, August 13, 2009

Free Tree Removal Service, Courtesy of the British Army (CMSF-British Forces)

As I mentioned in a previous entry, I'm having a CMSF-British-Forces PBEM match with my friend Olav.

After 10 minutes of unbearable battlefield silence (briefly interrupted by Syrian indirect fire) things are picking up.

Olav is defending as the Syrians and has placed a well-concealed, stationary T-55 tank in the outer perimeter of what I am guessing will be a defense in depth.

Contact, tank, front!

A Challenger British tank chickened out at the sight of the Syrian T-55 and reversed under the cover of smoke. A minute later or so, the British tank crew gained back enough composure to try again. A firefight between both tanks is still raging after some long 25 seconds. In tank warfare, 25 seconds is a very long time ...

A stationary Syrian T-55 under fire from a British Challenger. Expand the image by clicking on it.

Note the relatively big explosion in the picture above.

Does it mean that the British Challenger tank is using HEAT (High explosive anti-tank) instead of sabot rounds?

Same as above from another angle. Note how the explosion blew out the foliage of the tree in front of the tank. Expand the image by clicking on it.

The explosion was big enough to de-foliate a tree in front of the tank. Very likely a HEAT round would do.

Damn it, I never payed attention to tank ammo selection in CMSF. Is it automatically done by the AI?

That's great landscaping, lads! Would you fancy focusing in the tank now? :)



Olav said...

Probably a HESH round.

My prediction is that none of the challengers here will be destroyed.

Damaged yes, but the paint will hold up.

JC said...

Ey Olav!

Nice to see you around here!

Good point. I checked the ammo inventory of the Challenger tank in question and it has been shooting armour-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot (APFSDS)rounds.(Is that a tongue twister or what?)

It's a bit weird. Do you think a sabot round would make that boom?

My turn is your mail.


Unknown said...

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