Thursday, June 28, 2018

Valor and Victory - Coming Q4 2018

This squad, tactical level computer war game has Advanced Squad Leader written all over it. And Storm Over Arnhem ... and Rommel's Panzers ... and Stalin's Tanks.

This one will come from independent studio YoboWargames, a two men operation that already has a game out there (KURSK – BATTLE AT PROCHOROVKA).

Valor and Victory combines elements from several landmark board games and distills them into an approachable and realistic war game experience. With a clear, clean and functional interface plus very pleasant artwork, this game will not make your eyes bleed and leave you with a hangover of complicated rules. After playing the single scenario, I was left with a very good feeling of what this war game aims to be. And I like YoboWargame's vision.

The game will be completed and released in Q4 2018 but there is a single scenario demo of the alpha version.

Make sure to leave a contribution for this developer if you download the demo.


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