Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Small Unit Tactics - The SMARTbook Series

If you play ArmA and have a collection of field manuals regarding tactics, this book from The Lightning Press  may interest you.

I bought it in digital form, but hard copies are also available. This publisher has many books covering all the way up to operations. The great thing about this book is that I now have all the stuff concerning small units tactics from many field manuals condensed and consolidated in just one publication.

To the point and very comprehensive, the contents of the book are very well formatted, easy to read and understand. 
Every topic has a "On Point" section. These sections offer a tactical leader's hands down narrative on how to implement the technique discussed before.
Well, my next ArmA 3 after action report is inspired in something I read on my SMARTbook.
Check it out. Be advised that if you buy a digital copy, you will need Adobe Digital Editions installed.



Michael said...

Hi JC!

It's great that you started posting about books again :)

Lightning press has some other very interesting titles. Have you bought anything else from them and can you elaborate a bit on the quality of the advice in this book?

Brgds, Michael

JC said...

Hi Mike and thanks for reading.

For the most part, it's all field manuals, with contents from many of them consolidated in single sections and chapters. The "on point" and the "small units' perspective" sections are very down to the point of individual tasks. The great value for me is that I don't need to browse 3 or 4 manuals to find the info I need.

I have not buyed anything else, but I am eyeballing the air operations one ...