Saturday, May 1, 2021

Partizan's Life: Enemy is not Fleeing, He is Looking for a Flank Shot - Combat Mission Fire and Rubble

 It is a ritual that I follow with every Combat Mission release: fight the smallest battle first.

For Fire and Rubble, the battle involved the newly added Soviet partisan units. The scenario simulates a skirmish in Belarus during the last throws of the Battle for Minsk. 

A 30 men or so "Company" of Partisans is hunting a torn down German unit of stragglers who have taken refuge on a hamlet somewhere in the countryside.

After carefully studying the lines of fire the Germans may have, I decide to push for a single house which would be isolated from mutual support. My countrymen approach silently, more stalking than assaulting. Until the Germans spot them. We fire at them with our rifles. We don't have any support weapons.

After firing with gusto at the enemy, a reinforcement squad (far background in this screenshot) spots German infantry withdrawing from the house we just targeted. These pea-shooters we use pack quite a punch, the enemy is terrified! I thought. 

Intoxicated with a victory that was as quick as it was false, I order a two squad assault on the house. I needed that real estate to continue with the mop up on the hamlet. In this screenshot the "panicked" Germans can be seen in the background, running away from this very house.

It turns out that the Germans have turned back and started shooting at us. Quite a shock for us. Only a few made it through the door.

One "panicked" German taking advantage of an open flank.

This was quite a Combat Mission moment!


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