Sunday, May 2, 2021

Combat Mission Cold War - Direction Found - AAR - SPOILER ALERT

The Cold War/World War III has now received the Combat Mission treatment. 

This is an AAR for the smallest scenario: Direction Found. SPOILER ALERT. 
Briefing. Right click and open in a new window for a better view. I'm playing as the Soviets.

Tactical Map. Right click and open in a new window for a better view.

A simple mission with pure infantry and fire support limited to one MG.

The objective and our initial positions. The signal site sits on top of a hill and it is protected by infantry and an APC. I'm going to take the objective by close assault from the north flank. The situation needs to be developed, but given the time constraints I don't have time for a full reconnaissance. I order my troops to move covertly as far as the first significant obstacle in our way to the assault position.

That obstacle is a stream that can be crossed by a small walking bridge. My troops reach that obstacle and observe enemy activity in one of the sentry points. That M2 .50 Cal on top of the vehicle can be a lot of trouble.

The PKM is ordered to deploy and suppress the M113 while my troops make it across the stream and move towards the assault position.

A lucky first burst from the PKM gunner takes out the commander of the M113. In the background, the red icons show my forces on the move.

The tactical situation is as rickety as that bridge my troops crossed. A lot of caution and leapfrog moves across the bridge and towards the north flank. By some miracle, no contact yet.

The sniper team was useless near the crossing. I suddenly realize that there are a couple of farmhouses from which these guys can observe the objective. So they go into a field trip back to the starting point.

The PKM team packs up their MG and move forward. No enemy contact yet.

The sniper team is now in position and observes the objective. They are located 380 meters from it, though. Observation is difficult because of the dense forest.

The entire platoon (minus the sniper team) is now on its way to the attack position. The movement is very slow and the tension goes up.

Coordinating the entire platoon to crest the hill at the same time is getting too complicated. I opt for throwing some smoke to mask the positioning of the PKM.

The sniper team proves to be valuable reporting enemy movement, like the one seen here: enemy infantry trying to reinforce the signal site.

I failed to provide for our own flank protection and we are counterattacked by US scouts, right on our chops.

Our assault (red icons in the background) goes more or less well, the comms APC has just been destroyed. The M113 shows up to reinforce but it appears that nobody is manning the .40 Cal on top of it.

I order the sniper team to target this vehicle. The intention is not destroying it, but rather keeping a gunner operating the .50 Cal. The aim of the snipers is good, rounds ping and ricochet off the M113.

But better safe than sorry, an RPG is lobbed towards the unlucky US vehicle.

Clearing the objective is treacherous. We get ambushed a couple of times from concealed infantry. These Americans appear to be everywhere.

The cost of lives on our side was not light. But the mission is accomplished.

Decorated Squad.  1 APC and of 8 US infantrymen neutralized.


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