Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Graviteam Tactics Leopard's Leap

Graviteam Tactic's The Angolan Civil War series just got an additional DLC that features the push of the  21st FAPLA (People's Armed Forces of Liberation of Angola) Motorized Rifle Brigade towards the Lomba River.

An Angolan T-34-85 tank confidently enters the fray.

With a total of 2 operations, this DLC promises to be a challenge for the player taking the role of the SADF (South African Defence Force). The massive offensive of the Angolans shows from the very onset of the operation. So, be advised, the odds are against the South Africans/UNITA in the very beginning.

This DLC introduces the following tools of war:

  • The Vektor R4 assault rifle
  • The ATGM Ratel ZT3
  • The Casspir APC

The ATGM Ratel ZT3 brings plenty of anti-armor relief for the SADF. The ZT3 ATGM missiles are laser guided and have a relatively long range. This allows for some standoff fire, the only caveat is that the target acquisition system in the Ratel is sort of limited range-wise.

A ZT3 launch from a Ratel IFV. The smoke trail of the missile is very conspicuous.

These South African forward observers were not that happy to hear the sound of a missile flying over their heads.

The missile reaches its target. Despite the hit in the rear, the T-34-85 threaded away from this encounter.

Another missile launch. The relatively flat terrain makes the use of this weapon a true asset.

Preparing an anti-tank ambush. The high mobility of the Ratels is crucial for shoot and scoot tactics.



Chris said...

I have a lot of love for Graviteam's willingness to take on obscure projects. I can't wait to get this.

JC said...

Hi Chris!

Doug Miller said...

I have to admit I’m struggling with this one. My Ratels keep tipping over and getting killed. The SADF has no artillery, which seems ahistorical. Any tips JC?

JC said...

Sorry to hear about the difficulties. Sometimes the terrain has that ferocious bumpiness that will tip over a relatively light vehicle when it is moving at high speed. The Ratel is not that light, though.
As for the artillery, from what I have read the SADF was short on everything. I see indirect fire support in the campaigns, but is always pre-planned, which doesn't necessarily help a lot.


Doug Miller said...

I've fixed the issue with Ratels tipping over for the most part. You have to be pretty careful about how you move them in wooded terrain and keep them off of AI control. Short bounds are really best for movement.