Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Steel Beasts ProPE - In-Game AAR Feature Shows Detailed Impacts, Even From Sabot Petals

 The AAR feature in Steel Beasts is a great aid to understand the flow of a battle you have completed.

For a simulation that features detailed and realistic ballistics, the usage of AARs may go from the casual grasp of the events that drove a massive action (via map view, who shot who), through learning how to properly use certain ammo (enemy armor weak points, for example) all the way to the "WTF just happened to my tank?". Yes, I can't tell you how many times I went for the AAR just to know which enemy unit dared to kill me.

The AAR not only tells you which type of ammo hit you, but also shows you where the impact occurred. An example is in the following screenshot. 

In this case, an armor piercing round from a Russian T-80U MBT hit that Ukrainian T-72B1. The trajectory of the offending round is shown as a red rod. The result, as indicated in the small window in the down-left corner, was minimal.

In the latest updates, explosive rounds' shrapnel started to being displayed in the AAR. Very detailed view of that lonely fragment from a mortar round that found its way to an unfortunate dismount? No problem!

But when I saw a report for a sabot petal impacting on another unit, I was blown away.

I engaged this enemy patrol from their rear. The Russian T-80U tank shown in the foreground had suffered some mobility problems and had to shoot over the shoulder of that BTR-82A. A sabot petal just hit them.


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Anonymous said...

While extra cool, its not a new feature. HE fragment detail and sabot petal hits have been around for at least a year or since 4.167.