Saturday, February 6, 2021

DCS F/A-18C - Ground Radar Modes Screenshots and Video

Yes, I do have a TGP, but I will not use it in these scenarios. :)

DCS' F/A-18C continues to be updated. The pace is glacial, but it is happening. Interested in experiencing the ground radar mode, I created a mission against a Russian column of tanks. The video is presented a few lines below ...

But first let me show you some images of the "MAP" mode of the ground radar. This radar shows the terrain ahead. But if you look attentively, you can make out some vehicles and armor.

MAP mode of the ground radar. EXP2 selected. The city in the peninsula is Tyre and its port. I created this scenario with the editor and I know where to look, so I'm just messing around here. The Hornet (or any other fighter anyway) is a good platform for searching big areas with the ground radar.

I think I found the three BTRs I was looking for (small bright dots in the near center of the MFD) Note the buildings in the lower part of the MFD. This is EXP3, an expanded mode of the radar.

The beauty of the ground radar AGM-65F combo is that you can create a target point with the ground radar (right MFD) ...

... and as you already know the AGM-65Fs will slave towards the target point. This is very convenient. I can imagine looking for prominent terrain features with the radar and locking them for subsequent target searching.

The MAP mode's utility depends a lot in your aircraft's altitude and of course your ability to loiter at relatively low speeds.

Now the ground moving target (GMT) mode is a bit simplistic and overly effective detecting ground targets.

I locked a Russian tank column with the GMT mode of the radar (see right MFD, note the locked target showing speed and heading) and I switched to the Maverick missiles (left MFD). The slaving of the missiles to the radar's lock worked flawlessly.

The GMT is not too arcadish. Hills like the one in the background prevented detection of this tank from my low flying Hornet (beyond that hill).

I made a video showing the use of the GMT and AGM-65Fs. I know many of you follow my YouTube channel, so maybe I'm kinda repeating myself here. But here it is nonetheless.


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