Monday, August 8, 2016

Graviteam Tactics Fall Blau - First Battle Video AAR

My first battle ended in a draw. In my rush to encircle the Soviets, I forgot to recon their positions an was ambushed.

This a dawn battle. Stay tuned for the second one, which is during the early morning.



badanov said...

Russian's generally do better in defensive "knife fights" AKA close quarters fighting, and even better once they have been blooded.

Anonymous said...

I know the series since its beginning. The last installment with all the patches is a very good wargame. In my opinion its the best in its genre. Superior to battlefront. But thats a matter of taste, too. They combination of strategy (lack of in CM), battlefield tactic and immersion (lack of in CM) is unique. And the developers do a lot of work to improve the system. Battlefront on the other side is throwing out campaigns (add ons) with only minor engine improvements. Dont get me wrong, i own every CM-Title since Overlord and i'm loving them. But in the overall experience of a wargamer, Graviteam is superior. Cheers!