Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Steel Beasts ProPE 4.0 - Downtown with BMP-2s

The new version of Steel Beasts is out and there are so many new toys to play with.

This is some footage from a custom mission in which as a Soviet platoon commander I am engaging a US blocking position.

You can also watch it in high resolution at



NW said...

Wonderful way to learn the patch hit, thanks. Coincidentally, I just finished reading the Tankograd article on the BMP-2 (link included at the end of this message). Great to see the crew being modelled; looks great with TSh helmets and CVCs sticking out of hatches, and with the models filling up space in the turret and all that.

NW said...

Guess it helps if I actually leave the link. Hurp-a-durp.

GH65 said...

Excellent video! I just upgraded myself yesterday and am very much impressed. Not only with the fantastic new models for many of the vehicles including finally a playable, meticulously detailed BMP-2 but the atmosphere that they all drive around and shoot in. The weather effects are superb, smoking columns from wrecks, ricochets from impacts etc., wow what a change. Hope to see more videos from you regarding this simulation.


GH65 said...

@NW Great link. Thanks.

JC said...

Glad to hear you guys are having fun with v4.0.
NW: that's a great link. Thanks!