Sunday, August 7, 2016

Graviteam Tactics: Dawn of Blau

The first DLC for Graviteam Tactics Mius Front was released this week. This DLC is about the kickstart of Operation Blau and focuses in an area near the Oskol River.

A Stug 33 Ausf B ready for action at Verhnyaya Lubyanka. 

The new DLC requires the original Gaviteam Tactics Mius Front and is priced at US $ 12.74. Players get a new area of operations (24 square Km) that includes the village of Krasnyi Pahar, Verhnyaya Lubyanka and some of the areas near the Yutanovka crossing.

The Germans (red icons) need to encircle the Soviet troops (blue icons) before they withdraw west. The tricky part for the Germans is doing it while being pounded by heavy Soviet counter-attacks.

A clearer briefing map, showing the Germans as blue icons and the Soviets as red icons.

As a player commanding the Germans, you can always count on the prodigious amount of Soviet artillery falling in your positions.

A panoramic view of Verhnyaya Lubyanka. The red icons in the right are German forces readying up for an assault.

German infantry keeping an attentive watch of their environment.
Taking this bridge west of Verhnyaya Lubyanka was crucial for my tactical plan. Note the highly detailed map.

In the campaign game, the operations start at dawn (pun not intended). In this screenshot, a MG team moves up in support of an infantry platoon.

The in-game tactical map (now 3D) offers a detailed view of the developing situation.
An extensive area of operations, a persistent combat environment in which you better keep an eye of not only in the skirmish at hand but also the upcoming ones, and a true command experience that forces you to know how your men will react on their own.

Now available at Steam:



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