Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Digital Combat Simulator World 1.5 Open Beta

The open beta is up for you to grab at Eagle Dynamics website.

This is the A10-C from a paid module.

The beta is for version 1.5 and as you can see from the screenshot above it's looking pretty. DirectX 11 has been thrown into the engine and it looks like this 1.5 version is the last step towards the much awaited version 2.0.

Long shadows on this winter day.

You can't post an entry about a DCS World graphics overhaul without having a screenshot of flares ...

For most people, the installation of the beta is worry free and it goes into a separate folder so you can have both the old 1.2 and the new 1.5 versions in your computer. I had a minor hiccup with my A10-C module not showing up in my install but that was promptly resolved by Eagle Dynamics' customer support.

Knock, knock!
Who's there?
Ka who?

Ka Boom!

The list of changes for 1.5, as it appears in the official discussion forums:

  • Direct X 11 support
  • Improved performance
  • Improved lighting
  • Better graphical effects (contrails and missile smoke trails)
  • Better use of multiple GPUs (CPU multi-threading is not being pursued as it will provide little if any gain)
  • Unified front end and simulation .exe
  • Improved API sound support
  • Improved Oculus Rift support

The increase in performance is noticeable. I hope that brings in a lot of new simmers into DCS World. My other favorite new features are the increase of the size of models when viewed from a afar and the increase in rendering distance. Those two are supposed to help to see bandits way before an actual dogfights, but they are still not comparable to IL-2 Cliffs of Dover or Stalingrad, which are great in that department.

Looking for trouble in my A10-C

Lens flares. I haven't noticed that in 1.2, so maybe this is something new too.

It should be illegal to fly in this weather. :)

Flying above the clouds and a snow storm. Inspirational as it looks, I almost killed myself a few minutes later when my oil pumps failed. 
Despite being a beta that tests the waters mainly in the graphics department, it is a worthy taste of the things to come in DCS World 2.0. Just don't expect this to take care of all that is currently missing in DCS World.


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