Wednesday, March 11, 2015

IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad - With a Mission Editor, Now We are Talking!

This is the one feature I was waiting for so long! The newly added mission editor of Battle of Stalingrad allows me to put together whatever scenarios I want to play.

Another village, another gun run. The difference is that this time I can add stuff at my liking.
Not that I don't like the canned in-game content. I just don't feel like putting up with unlocking new content like a 12 year old.

The mission editor interface. This is pretty much the editor of Rise of Flight. Very flexible and great for both rapid prototyping and editing big scenarios.

The 3D camera view allows the precise positioning of both land and air assets.

German AAA on the ready.

The same AAA gun during the mission play. A run with my IL-2's cannons and the gun crew is in trouble.
A German halftrack, safe for the time being. Note my aircraft in the background and the MG-tank combo at the edge of the village.

This German AT gun was my main objective. It was spared because of my extremely bombing skills. The tracers passing by are from a second German AAA gun firing at my plane, who is in the background flying away.

Because of my bombing failure, these Russian tanks advancing into the teeth of the German AT gun are likely to take losses.

Myself in the background, overflying fellow tanks. I better get back into the village to clear up their path.


GregP said...
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GregP said...

The addition of the editor is definitely a huge boost to this sim, and enough to finally pull me back in after I, too, was completely put off by the unlockables nonsense. I used the old Il-2 FME way back when, and use the DCS editor to set up simple missions pretty often, but I never used ROF's editor -- is this editor about as easy to use as the former examples?

JC said...

Hi Greg,

It is relatively easy to use. I think that if you did figure out the other two, this one will be no problem.