Sunday, January 7, 2024

DCS AH-64D Apache - Tactics Primer - Rule #2: Use the Maximum Standoff Range Available

 DCS AH-64D Apache - Tactics Primer

Some 13 years ago, I started posting a tactics primer series for the Black Shark flight sim. This series relied heavily in Richard Sheffield's Gunship Academy. This book was originally intended as a sort of "strategy guide" for the wildly successful Gunship by MicroProse.

I once started a redux/remix/repost of that series, with the help of DCS's AH-64D Apache. The subsequent patches/fixes (?!) of the DCS module made me drift away from the module because  it became very tricky to fly. The latest patch has included some major changes in the flight/stability systems that appear to be pointing in the right direction, so I think it is time to resume with the series.

10 Rules to Live By

All forms of combat require an agile mind able to adapt to the continuously changing challenges of the battlefield. In tactical combat, there are never absolute truths or optimal solutions and speaking of "rules" sounds like out of place. The "rules" discussed here are actually guides that are valid in most situations. Take these "rules" as a framework to think about your own solutions to the tactical challenges you will face.

Rule #2: Use the Maximum Standoff Range Available

The farther you are from your target, the less possible it will detect and fire back at you.

The Hellfire missile, king of the standoff attack. In this case we acquired and engaged the target from 6.8 km, far beyond the reach of the ENY T-90 main guns.

Even after a first missile attack, the ENY tanks remained clueless about the direction of the attack.

In this other example, the attack was executed from 2.8 km. We gave the ENY tanks an opportunity to detect and fire AT-11 Sniper missiles at us.

We took one in our chin.



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