Thursday, November 23, 2023

Precision Strike with JDAMs - Debrief- DCS F15-E

 Mission for today: strike a tunnel complex entrance including it's logistics assets.

The strike mission is assigned to one F-15E S4 armed with 2x [2,000 pd. JDAMs GBU-31(V)1/B] and 2x 500 pd. JDAMs GBU-38(V)1/B]. Anti-air missiles are also mounted in case of air opposition.

Target is a tunnel complex entrance and its supporting logistic assets. These include the administrator's residence, a HQ building and a few logistic vehicles parked nearby.

Target coordinates were preloaded into the data cartridge (NOTE: still a placeholder feature in the current build) as a single set of four missions (NOTE: used the mission editor via its navigation point feature).

Upon take off from █  Airbase at 0225Z, the flight followed its pre-programmed waypoints, including a 5 minutes hold between waypoints 1 and 2 to program weapons and to transfer missions onto weapon stations.

Weapons' release was at 0232Z with a short interval (<1 minute) between the release of the GBU-38s and the GBU-31. Time on target was recorded at 0233Z.

A limited battle damage assessment was authorized by mission control. The assessment revealed the destruction of the 4 targets and additional collateral damage.

The target area can be seen on the right side of the canopy.

Landing at █  Airbase was 0245Z.


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