Friday, February 17, 2012

Achtung Panzer Operation Star, Sokolovo 1943

Released a while ago, this DLC for Achtung Panzer Operation Star brings a Czech flavor to the struggle for the Ukraine.
A panoramic view of the northwest tip of the town of Sokolovo. The red icons are from the 1st Czech battalion, which is under the operational control of the 62 Gds. Division.

Sokolovo 1943 is a 15 turns mini-campaign spanning two full days in March 1943. It is playable from the Soviet side only. The Soviet forces are on foot and on the defensive against a sizeable German armored force. It will take determination and skill to halt the enemy ...

The new area of operations in the Sokolovo 1943 addon.

A close up on the area surrounding the town of Sokolovo. Note the blue, Soviet-style icons for reconnaissance forces (a circle and arrow).

Positioning my AT guns during the squads deployment phase. 
Infantry can be ordered to dug in during the deployment phase.

The positions for the HMGs are a bit too exposed.
The first combat action starts at around 0900, with German recon units probing near Sokolovo.
I was expecting the Germans to go straight for the center of Sokolovo, but they chose to keep themselves in the outskirts of the town. My AT guns were not ready for this and had LOS issues to engage the lightly armored German recon units.

Another AT gun that can't engage anything because of my foolish deployment.

The Germans aimed for a crossroads nearby Sokolovo, and bombarded my nearby troops con gusto.
A whole company of Czech infantry men emerge from their hideouts within the heart of Sokolovo. The news about just a  German recon detail are great for these panzer-scared troops.
At the time of this writing, Sokolovo 1943 sells for just $6.95 at Gamersgate. Worth every penny.



Bil Hardenberger said...

That game looks terrific J. Definitely the best looking and grittier of the 3D games on the market... I'm not so sure about their order system. Has that improved at all since Achtung Panzer?

Of course the big drawback is the lack of multi player... are there any rumblings about when that will get added to the system?

JC said...

Hi Bil, how are you doing?

The order system had a couple of improvements, mostly in the interface. Certainly not as detailed as Combat Mission or Panzer Command.


Anonymous said...

Great post as always, Chelco. Haven't picked up Op Star yet but I mean to soon ... have been playing a lot of Theatre of War 2 lately -- I go back and forth on which series I like more, the Achtung Panzer games or the ToW games. Both have their strengths and weaknesses... But always enjoy reading your informative, detailed posts. Thanks!