Sunday, June 11, 2023

Target Handoff by Observation Posts: The Point Where Engagements are Won or Lost?

You know the usual story: an observation post spots an enemy formation, then the commander decides when and how to engage. I have been a bit busy working out target handoffs by observations posts with Steel Beasts ProPE and Armored Brigade.

These exercises are inspired by an article that was published in the latest Armor Magazine:

From the Screen: The Screen In-Depth by 1LT Caleb B. Welch

Besides the nuances of setting up good observation posts (OP), the critical moment is when the commander decides what targets to engage and how.

An M3 vehicle rushes to engage light enemy armor trying to move through our screen. In this case it was a no-brainer: light enemy force which we can outgun. From Steel Beasts ProPE.

Another very important issue is how to set up the observation posts in a way that the troopers do not engage and give out their positions. It's an observation post, not a fighting position. From Steel Beasts ProPE.

In the Armored Brigade scenario, the enemy (ENY) formation was quite formidable in comparison to the Steel Beasts ProPE scenario. BMPs, tanks, artillery support, AT armored vehicles.

My OPs have been tracking this ENY formation composed mainly by AFVs. This is a target rich environment, which I decided to engage thoroughly. From Armored Brigade.

The engagement is leaning towards my victory, but I'm starting to accumulate losses.

At this point, I have committed almost all my M1 tanks into the valley. The killing goes well so far. From Armored Brigade.

But then the ENY second echelon (tanks) springs into action, somehow undetected. We manage to stop this echelon, but only one friendly tank survived. From Armored Brigade.

And then, from the most unexpected flank, a mix of ENY recon, AT, mechanized and tank forces seizes the OBJ area. There is a spirited defense by our infantry, but upon multiple ENY indirect fire missions the infantry is rendered not fit for combat. From Armored Brigade.

In the end, what decided the battle was the incorrect employment of my tanks. I squandered them in a fight in equal terms (i.e. in the flat area of the valley) against a tank ENY formation that outnumbered my hulls and gun muzzles.


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