Sunday, February 7, 2021

Guard Detachment - Steel Beasts ProPE

This is a small, easy and fast scenario intended for single player. In this blog post, I describe it and show you a video AAR for it.

The player will be joining an Ukrainian detachment on a guard mission. Own forces include a T-72B, a BMP-2, 3x light mortars and dismount scouts on listening posts. The enemy (Russia) is just a patrol consisting of a single T-80U, plus 2x BTR-82A.

The mission of the player is to completely destroy the enemy forces. That includes the enemy infantry. I've given a generous amount of time to accomplish this (90 minutes), but expect to complete the main actions to happen within the first 20 minutes or so. That depends on your tactical approach to this mission, of course.

There is some replayability because the enemy can approach through two different routes. But given the nature of this very small scenario, that's pretty much it.

The gameplay of this scenario is shown in this video. Spoiler alert!

The scenario is available (pending approval) at's downloads section. Link below:

Guard Detachment - Mission Download Link at

I hope you can download it and try it.


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