Thursday, December 24, 2020

John Tiller's Software Panzer Campaigns: Gold Versions Getting the New 2D Graphics Revamp


Scheldt '44 has brought new 2D graphics, with better resolution and visibility plus a new zoom level. This is great for aging eyes.

The new 2D graphics are expected to be applied to all the Panzer Campaigns titles. These guys are busy at work all the time. 

I got back into my favorite Panzer Campaigns, Smolensk '41 and I am enjoying it. The perfectionist in me would have preferred thicker lines in the NATO symbols of each counter: the bigger size make them look a bit empty. But that's just aesthetics.

The 7th Panzer Division (light blue and green counters) are getting ready to move into Vitebsk.

As for Scheldt '44, I have something to say. But that's for later.



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