Friday, November 11, 2016

Infantry Guns - Graviteam Tactics: Drive on Voronezh

Past noon and its after taste of half-eaten food. It's almost like you can feel the exhaustion and dropping morale of my German soldiers. Determined to end the day with a solid foothold on Shilovo, a renewed attack on the town is carefully planned.

This time, infantry guns (7,5 cm le.IG 18) were brought up and used in a direct fire role.

The north of Shilovo takes a great pounding from the infantry guns. 

At times, the fire support was too close to my soldiers. In this screenshot, a round explodes just in front of this grenadier.

A panoramic view of the operations in the north of Shilovo. My troops gained a substantial foothold on the town.

Combat in the nearby forests was not pretty. The Reds apparently had the area completely pre-ranged and my men had to endure attacking through a wall of Soviet artillery shrapnel.

Unable to bring up heavy weapons or call artillery, the fight was though for my men. Eventually, one Soviet position was taken. 
The Soviets tried hard to push us out of our territorial gains. But our position in the north of Shilovo was solid. In this screenshot, a German grenadier runs from a building. The torrential rain will likely put out the fire raging on him.

The weather changed so fast. It rained quite a lot and a shroud of clouds gave a feeling that the day was over. Not quite: the Soviets counter-attacked from almost everywhere. And my gun crews were ready to deal with that.
German soldiers pushing forward after defeating a Soviet counter-attack.



Marco said...

That was several battles or just one, because sounds awesome that ammount of attacks and counterattacks, with that change in the climate. I have to go back to the Mius!

JC said...

Hi Marco,

Good point! It's 3 battles, indeed.
The beauty of this game is that it allows just one, seamless story. :)


Anonymous said...

Quite impressive ! Thx, Koen

NW said...

I've just been reading Glantz on these operations; I didn't know where the Mius river was before and may well have to buy the game now. Would you say the engine is significantly different from earlier iterations or is it a more incremental improvement?

Anonymous said...

For your consideration.