Friday, August 26, 2016

Command Modern Air and Naval Operations - Command Live: You Brexit, You Fix it!

Another installment for the Command Live series, folks!

Entirely focused in the Baltic region, the Brexit DLC is a set of two scenarios for the base game Command Modern Air and Naval Operations (CMANO).

Priced at US $2.99, this DLC puts the player in the war rooms of NATO or Russia to plan and execute a war of limited aims that nobody tried to defuse.

From the designer's notes:
This scenario represents a very plausible ‘what if’ situation.  You can expect NATO forces to start quite weak and dispersed but as time and events occur they become much stronger; NATO response however is hampered by the political confusion throughout Europe.  The North Atlantic Council (NAC) will undoubtedly convene within a very short time, but gaining political consensus on a response might be more difficult than imagined.  The non-NATO countries of Sweden and Finland may in fact intervene before some long standing NATO nations.

Russia is walking a very fine line; its forces are limited to those that are ‘in-situ’ in the region so as not to tip-off NATO planners.  Reinforcements may be added but only reluctantly, Russia is not interested in general war, only the limited operational objective of seizing the Baltic States (or re-establishing status quo, in some views).  Strategically the objective is to continue the destabilization of NATO; victory will crush the view that Collective Defence will protect countries in Eastern Europe. Causing NATO to react cohesively however will have the opposite effect.

As you remember, I have been toying around with a potential war in the Baltics for a little bit and boy, this DLC offers the perfect naval and air ops backdrop to support that story.

Needless to say, the scenarios are very thorough and display a level of expertise that belongs to naval colleges, think tanks and professional wargaming sessions. Beyond that and the fun of pushing virtual hardware on a digital globe, I can't stop thinking that the beginning of the 21st century is looking a lot like the beginning of the 20th. And having smart people putting that in your computer screen is a privilege.


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