Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Combat Mission Final Blitzkrieg - Take Your Infantry to the Attack Day - Remarks

This one is a very good scenario included in Combat Mission Final Blitzkrieg. Spoilers alert!

Rolling in style to the line of departure.

The mission is to assault a German-held town harboring heavy armor and infantry. Under my command, one company of US armored infantry plus a company of Sherman tanks. My plan was to attack the town from the flank, in hopes of engaging a very tiny portion of the German defenders.

1. If you have tanks, is all fun and games while you are in the open

Mostly ... By the end of the scenario the mud has mobility-killed four of my tanks.

Recon by fire, shoot and scoot style. There is an almost non-perceivable terrain fold that allows a hull down position for the tanks shown here.

Note how each tank gets a separate "target light" (yellow line) order.

You can cover a lot of suspected enemy positions with five tanks.

But after this massive knock in the door, nobody answered.

2. From pinned to badass: the evade command for infantry.

We both know about the "evade" command right here. This infantry squad got caught in the open by a 20 mm Flak gun. The evade command (orange line) is about to save what is left of them.
This command group made it to a creek bed in very good shape thanks to the evade command.

3. Built up areas have a voracious appetite for ammo,  non supported infantry and un-escorted armor.

Awww, cute! Where are you heavy machine guns, gents?

The burning tank's crew didn't go far without infantry support. 
4. The most deadly weapon in the battlefield is the brain.

Odds are against two Shermans facing two Panthers, armor thickness and gun's performance accounted for. However, if caught in the flank, even at mid-distance (note the green US armor icons in the background), they do have a chance to score a kill and move out from the remaining Panther tank.

Within a gigantic cloud of smoke, a Sherman M4A3 (75) sneaks on the flank of Panther tank (grey icon).
After taking a hit, the Panther's armor is penetrated. The crew drives the tank away, which is a big mistake ...
... Because armor is very thin in the rear!

This other Panther got caught in the flank while worrying for the US armor moving through the main street of the town.

Extremely risky, but effective in this case. The Sherman on the right distracts the Panther in the center. The Sherman in the left tears down the wall ...

... And closes the deal.



Jason Rimmer said...

I suppose Evade only works in real time?

JC said...

No. It works with the turn based gameplay too.


Marco said...

The Squad that was caught in the open wasn't spread and you move it on squad formation, did you thought that it was secure the movement? when do you split the squads? until the first shots or in close combat?

Johan said...

In my experience, splitting the squads is one of the most important ways to reduce casualties. It does increase the amount of micromanaging that is needed, but it also increases your tactical flexibility as you use the teams individually.

JC said...

Thanks for your comments.
I was moving a platoon(+) through open terrain, in a not so wide frontage. I didn't think that splitting squads would solve my most pressing problem (a 20mm flak targeting my men). But again, I could be wrong.