Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Command Ops 2 - Race to the Meuse - Fire Support

With this Battle of the Bulge frenzy I'm into (thanks other-game-I-love), I have been playing this other game I love a lot too.

One thing that I use a lot in Command Ops 2 is keeping a close eye on my fire support assets. The friendly AI does a great job in keeping up with an attack mission, but sometimes is best to take part and give the fire support units some specific targets.

In the above micro-video, I show how well it worked on an attack by SS forces on Stavelot. Make sure to watch the video at so you can make out the details in the HD version.



Phil said...

I really like this game. With multi monitors it makes it so much easier. Would love to see some commentary in a longer video.


JC said...

Hi Phil,

Thanks for your comment.

I agree on the multi-monitor. So cool. I recently "lost" my HDTV to my son's PS4 :) and I'm running this on a 21 in old monitor.

I will try to add commentary sometime, but my accent is so thick and my voice so nasal.