Sunday, June 14, 2015

Steel Beasts ProPE - Two Bridges Too Many - AAR: Briefing

A pretty intense Cold War scenario about a rear area/flank security operation.

Crossing a bridge in a tank, with the danger of being under enemy fire is a perilous proposition. It turns out that in some conditions, fighting from bridges can be quite effective. It's all about timing and maximizing the use of the tiny amounts of cover and concealment.

Here is the fragmentary order (FRAGO) for today:

  • Battalion HQ has decided to switch main supply route (MSR) Old Spice to a parallel one located east.
  • The new MSR is planned to run through the two bridges, marked as objectives (OBJ) Taneytown and Emmitsburg.
  • Recent reconnaissance reports indicate at least one Soviet tank, no less than 2 BMP-3s and multiple BTR reconnaissance vehicles. The enemy's course of action (CoA) appears to be holding the two bridges with token forces until reinforcements arrive (estimated to arrive in 5 hours).
  • A detachment of 2 Leopard 2A5s and two Marder IFVs is under your command. Your mission is to secure OBJ Emmitsburg and OBJ Taneytown. BTRs are not considered a threat to the planned MSR.
  • H-hour will be communicated to you via radio. Expect it to be at the first light of the day.
  • No indirect fire support is available.

Tactical plan.

Ready to roll!

Stay tuned for the debrief/AAR.


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