Sunday, December 12, 2010

Real and Simulated Wars Opens a Window

This blog has a total of 431 entries. None of my entries were never mentioned or noted at the forums of the  popular site It is very ironic that just one entry would be cross-referenced and generate this reaction at the forum. I was not surprised to their reaction towards my entry. Nobody likes to be called names. Me calling them "activists" was like a stick shoveled up their digital rights sensitivities. Fair game, forumites ... I wasn't expecting kudos for that.

Yesterday I posted about closing the blog. You may think I was pissed at the thread reaction, name-calling and other assorted hostilities. Nope. I was actually overwhelmed at the thought that no matter what, playing and discussing games and simulations in some online communities is getting second to chest-beating, demonstrating how awesome you and your principles (?!) are, and over-blowing every iota of imperfection a game has. Grognards! Some may call. Not really. A true grognard would give you an earful of complains, but while on the march to fight the battle of a lifetime. With you, not against you.

In such train of depressing thought yesterday I hastily decided to get over with anything online and close the blog. One day after, I am awed at the support you guys provided in the form of e-mails and comments. Really, really appreciated.

I'm not claiming the victimized hero part in this play. There is no heroics in saying "closed forever" then "well, actually not". It is more of an embarrassment to do so. But more embarrassing would be to let this blog go without a good fight.

I apologize for all of the drama of a false-alarm closing and all of the above ranting. I always want to keep this blog clean of drama and personal grievances. But your involvement in the last day or so convinced me that you deserve a proper explanation.

Let's game something ...



Anonymous said...

Good choice. As a fellow wargaming blogger I whole heartedly support this decision. Now ask them if they will be buying Gettysburg Scourge of War? It has the same DRM and much harsher.

Personally I think they are Tiller haters but whatever. You need to write about the games you like.

Right now on my site I write a lot about Tiller games because they are the ones I like playing right now. I cant help that. One day I will get back to others but that is the way it is. I am glad you will be sticking around. Us wargamers need to talk about the games and quit turning the forums into podiums

Anonymous said...

In fact this post is for you

Anonymous said...

Great news JC. I am glad you changed your mind.

JC said...

Ey BluntForce,

I really appreciate your support. I saw your Kharkov 43 AAR! I will be referencing to it in the future.


JC said...

Thanks anonymous!

And sorry again for all the drama-laden post.


Anonymous said...

It is good that the blog stays. It is one of the things that I love checking out.

Anonymous said...

I was about to ask for the Iraqi flag back. ;) I'm certainly glad you changed your mind, JC. This is my go to site for everything war-gaming.


JC said...

Thanks, guys.

Bryan, the Iraqi flag is the centerpiece of my war room. I will post a picture of it once the facilities are finished. :)


Michael P. said...

Good stuff RealSimulated blog Simhq and Combatsim are my daily trinity of gaming news reviews. My trinity lives on. Huzzah!

Anonymous said...

Well alright then! Glad you're back on track. As long as you're writing about these games, I'll be reading. Sounds like a ton of others will be as well!

This blog is fun to read for multiple reasons: a) it's cool to see all the games I peruse but never have the money to buy. b) it shows a lot about each game. c) each scenario you put yourself into, whether you're a hog pilot or a civil war general, you always get into it with very sound logic and it's interesting how well you adapt to each. d) you're a good writer with a very friendly and inviting style. You're clearly not writing about how good you are, but more about how you are trying to tackle a certain tactical situation. I love it and I'm glad you're gonna keep on truckin'!

Dylan Winton said...

What a most beautiful morning to wake up to me clicking on your site, I'm so glad you reconsidered closing down and happy we get to read more of your *Insanely awesome* post's we've grown to love.

Vulcan said...

Thank you for the blog. It's a lot more enjoyable reading than some silly internet arguments and pedantic ego boosting that the Internet is so full of.

As much as I hope that piracy won't lead to the end of the simulator/wargaming industry, I hope that people's indifferences won't bring the end of your writing. After all they are just people, not something games ;)

gabeeg said...

We all have been fed up at one point or another and known better than to act on emotion, or when tired or when you know better, etc. ...but did it anyway. Human nature is a bitch. I am soooo glad you changed your mind. Your blog is in my daily rotation and would have been missed. I appreciate what you do, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

hear hear! Good news indeed. What's clear is that a lot more people read and enjoy this blog than you know.

I am one of them... ;-)

db said...

Gee, I go away for the weekend and I miss all the drama.

I'm not a big fan of DRM myself, but I understand why companies use it.

Glad you decided to stick it out JC, thanks.

Jim Zabek said...

Glad to hear it. You've got a good perspective and I'm looking forward to your continued contribution.

Unknown said...

Thats better... ;)

To quote Patton "If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn't thinking". Where would we be if we did not argue with each other once and a while?

Now when christmas is closing on us I also would like to show my appreciation and get your spirits up (of course inspired by Bryan) send you a little flag. This would be from a lonely north european outpost in a far-away muslim republic.


History Design Centre/Center said...

:) Hey, it happens to the best of us ... and, you know the irony with that is - that is how I found yours and Blunt Force's Blogs (one other as well).

For me, the key thing is focusing on why I am even involved in something -and it always comes back to what is the hobby.

What passes for "democratic feedback" for some, isn't a part of it -the games, and the history are... but man, I do realize it can be tough at times.

Welcome back :) (we all live in glass houses ;)


Some Aussie Guy said...

Glad to see you are going to continue - I check this blog almost every day and you have tipped me onto some wonderful sim's that I would have otherwise overlooked and inspired me to revisit other old favourites.

Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Glad you’re staying JC. What a great blog,….. that I would not have know about if it wasn’t mentioned on the wargamer, so now you have a new fan. Plus I live up the road from you in Poolesville.


JC said...

You guys are going to get me all emotional here ... :)

There are no words to describe how I feel reading your comments. I really appreciate you guys reading this blog.

@gabeeg and Trauth: I really appreciate your posts back there.

@ Jim Zabek: you know you are sorely missed back there.

@ Pergite: are you serious? I will really love that flag, Hank.

@ the Poolesville guy: it's a small world. I hope you are not my boss! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Man, I'm glad you decided to keep going. Coming to your site tonight kind of gave me a scare when I saw the "closing" thread...only to be very much releived when I saw you decided to hang on. I've been coming to your site now for about 4 months. I enjoy the commentary, the excellent screenshots and overall look at games I would never even know about due to their lack of coverage elsewhere.

Please continue to cover these games. You provide great insight in an entertaining way. I'll be back for more.

Anonymous said...

Please don't close this Blog - it's literally the ONLY one I routinely check out every day. Always something interesting here, and I really want to hear your impressions of War in the East too (I think it looks incredible - wish I had more spare time).

- Erich

JC said...

Thanks for your comments. Much appreciated.

@ Erich: War in the East ... still sitting in my hard drive. :) Lack of time too here. I know there will be no way back after moving the first counter! :)


Anonymous said...

I check this site as well a lot.

I literally hate the DRM thing because I don't know what happens if companies go out of business, but that does not mean I cannot read and enjoy a good blog.

Keep up the good work. No one wants everyone to have the same opinion. What a sad world that would be.


JC said...


Thanks for your comment. Glad to see your around here.


Anonymous said...

What a relief! Yours is the best wargaming blog online. Keep on gaming and blogging and d--n the torpedoes!

JC said...


Really appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you've decided to keep the blog going - this is one of few sites I check daily (mainly for flight sim (DCS) related posts if you're interested).


Chris McIntosh said...

I am happy to hear that you are remaining open. Like the others, I really enjoy your blog for a lot of same reasons, most notably the fact that you talk about strategy and tactics and not about how this effect or that sound were not exactly right.

I read your blog every day or so and hope to continue reading it well into the future.

To be honest, I like you blog so much that I am willing to put my money where my mouth is (umm... fingers I guess would be more accurate). Do you have a paypal account or anything like that set up. I can't give much as the seasons and the economy have left me with more lint in my pockets than cash but I want to recognize your blog for what it is - a thing of dedication and beauty.


Chris "Phaeden" McIntosh

JC said...

Thanks for your comments! :)

@ anonymous: I will get back in the cockpit sooner than later.

@ Chris: that's a very generous gesture!Your appreciation is all I want to take from you. Thanks anyway. :)


smith said...

Glad you're not closing this blog - it's excellent!


JC said...

Hi smith,

Thanks for your kind words and for dropping by the blog.