Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Military Monday at SimHQ - ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead

A great video by Brennus on the "Military Monday" online session with ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead.

Infantry supported by a Warrior IFV, clears a roadblock and moves onto a guerrilla campground.

"Military Monday" is an online session hosted by SimHQ. The players follow a chain of command and radio communications protocols. Realistic tactics are highly encouraged.

Original thread here. Make sure to view this video in YouTube for HD.


P/S: anybody here joins these sessions at SimHQ? Anybody plays ArmA 2 online at a virtual unit?



KlarSnow said...

I am a regular reader of your blog and a regular for the past three years! on the SimHQ Military Monday server. I am also the leader of this particular mission. Play lotsa games but really got into online gaming with the SimHQ group.

JC said...

Ey Tristan!

Good job in this mission. :)

It's a great group. I joined a couple of times a long time ago and it was freakingly great. Wish I had time to play online ...

I see you guys play a different mission every Monday (?).

Love these videos. Let me see if I can find more of these and post the links.


KlarSnow said...

We usually play 3-5 missions every monday, depending on time. There are a few older videos, I think Brennus is going to start making it a habit to record a few missions every Monday, I know one of the ones from this monday is up already

Anonymous said...

Have to love the combination of TrackIR and sneezing at the 02:00 mark :) Great video

Anonymous said...

Is that snow falling? If so, does the game not model snow on ground (looks like green grass and bushes)?

fatty said...

Hi, I am fatty, Military Monday admin and designer of this particular mission. This was a great video by Brennus showcasing our typical Monday night gameplay.

Re missions... as Tristan said we play 3-5 a night, I try to have at least one brand new mission ready each week.

Yes, that is snow. That's the environment effects module at work. Some other modules were at work there to create the ambience. Unfortunately accumulation on the ground is not modeled.

If anyone is interested in joining us, we always welcome new players. There's no tryout process or anything; you just need a few extra islands, Teamspeak 2, and the capacity to follow basic orders. More info here:


Anonymous said...

Really inspiring video

Has anyone been able to join you from overseas with regards to net latency?


Anonymous said...

This great blog is what inspired me to get and try Arma 2 and OA in the first place. After getting somewhat skilled in solo play, I started joining some online milsim groups last month for multiplayer. So far I've enjoyed United Operations and Tactical Gamer, both fairly mature groups dedicated to realistic play. Never tried SimHQ but maybe now I will.

Brennus said...

Howdy. I've got three videos from this week's "Military Monday" in the works. I've uploaded the first video yesterday, which is from the second mission designated "Reprisal". I'm currently wokin' on uploading the second video now, which is from the third mission designated "The Guns of Mangomak". And the third video, which is from the first mission should be ready before the weekend.

I plan to record as much as I can, since I upgraded my PC I've been able to record w/o any loss to FPS, which is the primary reason I haven't been recording since the beginning. And, although I've posted videos before from various games, I'm still just getting my feet wet, so expect better editing in the future.

Anonymous said...

That was badass. Hopefully one of these days I'll be jumping in on a few of those missions.

KlarSnow said...

A good portion of our regulars are from the UK and Australia, and we have had players from Germany and Japan play as well, with no real issue regarding latency or lag.

Chris McIntosh said...

I'm a member of the USMC Warriors (http://www.usmc-warriors.org) and we played OFP and ArmA 1 and 2 for a long time. Recently, we've not had as much game time as real life got in the way for most of us near forty year olds.

I modded for OFP, and both ArmAs as it is a great game to mod with.

Great game! Great blog!