Thursday, May 13, 2010

Steel Fury Kharkov 42

Installed and briefly messed around with it. I definitively like it. The manual was slightly better than in the demo. There is a lot to learn yet.

It does look great!



Dimitris said...

The grass representation in particular looks exceptional...

Anonymous said...

Tried the mods yet? Some nice extra tanks.

Though I love the PzIII with long 50 which I think is in vanilla.

UsF said...

Judging from those screenshots, he already has mods, one that includes the KV1.
Vanilla has playable the T34, Pz4 and Matilda.
Great website you got here :)

JC said...

Thanks for your comments, folks!

@ Dimitris: this sim is graphically great. It doesn't bog down my old computer either.

@ Anonymous and UsF: This is plain vanilla (just bought and downloaded from GamersGate). I need to mod this ASAP; my PzIV doesn't show its sight marks.

Any pointers where?

Thanks in advance.


Seydlitz said...

The grass colour looks good. Mine always looks kinda washed out.
There you will get all the mods

Anonymous said...

Oops...anonymous is me...

My bad, right, no PzIII in vanilla.

Seydlitz is right on best site for mods; this thread at SimHQ has some good posts on the subject as well:



JC said...

Thanks, folks!

Got some. On to install them now. :)

Singleton Mosby said...

Ok, you convinced me. Just bought the game and now downloading ;)

JC said...

Hi SM,

Steel Fury feels like driving through a heavily-modded Achtung Panzer. Meh! :)

Hope you like it, sir!


Singleton Mosby said...

It looks interesting so far. Just one problem though, I can't seem the widscreen buffix to work: still have a lot of info "falling off" the top of my screen

JC said...

Hi SM,

Saw your article at Armchair General. :)

That's a patch I haven't applied. What is it for?


Singleton Mosby said...

Hi JC,

The widescreen patch is meant to make SF work on a monitor with a 16:9 ratio. Doesn't seem to work properly however as a part of the instructions during the tutorial "fall off" the screen. Now going to use the manual.

Nice tohear you read the article ACG. I have done an interview with the Graviteam lads about their next release, OPeration Star, a sequal to Achtung Panzer. The interview will be up at Armchair General soon.