Thursday, June 29, 2017

Combat Mission Black Sea - Expanding the Foothold

This is a continuation of an AAR of a quick battle that I started a while ago.

The crossing of the bridge was chronicled in a previous YouTube video. I have a significant part (almost the entire maneuver forces) holding a tiny foothold on the far side of the river.

The heavy use of smoke from the Bradley fighting vehicles bought my troops some time to re-organize before moving forward.

The way ahead was a mid-size town with plenty of trees and bushes. Time was running out (I accidentally set up the quick battle for just 45 minutes) and I really wanted to push towards the final objective.

Side note: I had to leave a Bradley IFV behind, watching the near side of the bridge. A Russian detachment of infantry was causing some trouble and I needed by interior lines clear.  Yeah, that ATGM is coming out of his paycheck! :)

Moving into the town was intense. Fortunately there were not enemy armor and the incredible firepower of my armor dominated the battlefield. I became a bit lousy in executing my movement through the town (lost one Bradley and a couple of dismounts) but the clock was ticking.

Take a look at this video showing some scenes of the battle.

And this is the AAR screen.

Units that caused most casualties were armored (look for the green info on the lower left of each US unit depicted in the next screenshots.


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