Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Combat Mission Black Sea - Before the Crossing

In a previous blog entry, I posted a video I captured during a quick battle setup.

I would like to briefly summarize how my troops got to that crossing.

My small battle group had a platoon of mechanized infantry (M2A3s), 2 Abrams tanks, and a somehow oversized indirect fire support party (mortars).

Since my troops had no amphibious vehicles, first I had to capture the near side of a bridge.

I absolutely love movement to contact in Combat Mission. The cautious, tense moments of finding out where the enemy is. In this image, scouts move towards the near side of the bridge.

The bridge was guarded by a strange assortment of recon and a Tunguska. All enemy armor was quickly dispatched by the two Abrams tanks.

A sizeable patch of trees right beside the bridge offered a lot of concealment to Russian dismounts. After a few high explosive rounds from the tanks, I realized that the task of taking them out was going to be left to the infantry.

The mechanized infantry arrived promptly and was put to work immediately.

The new real estate was payed for with a few LMG rounds. And then I had to stop my grognards from shooting at targets across the river. Don't show yourselves yet, boys!
And then, after a short rest period, the mortars open up with smoke rounds to cover the crossing.

Stay tuned. More is coming ...


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