Thursday, April 27, 2017

Combat Mission Black Sea Gets a Battle Pack

The Battle Pack 1 for Combat Mission Black Sea was released last week. With two campaigns (one for the USA, the other one for Russia) six standalone scenarios and 27 new quick battle maps, this is the first official content that takes advantage of the newest engine (engine 4).

The video clip above is from a quick battle scenario I'm playing against the Russian computer opponent. It shows some scenes at a river crossing and the cramped toe-hold from where to continue the advance.

The map I picked for this one is "Village (912x1024)", one of the newly released quick battle maps from Battle Pack 1.


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George Ross said...

Looking great! I really love the changes they've made to infantry movement with 4.0. They're a small thing, but they make a huge difference, both in terms of spreading out squads during movement and revising the way they make up their formation in general, and of course the much-needed peeking around corners.

I'm also happy to see that a lot of the graphics assets are still shared with the other CM titles, meaning that once I get CMBS (which I don't own yet!) I can migrate some of my favourite terrain texture and effects mods from CMBN/CMRT etc.
The really hard decision for me now is whether I should buy CMBS or the just-re-released CMFI next :)