Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Team Weber - Steel Beasts ProPE 4.0 - AAR, Part 1

This is an AAR for a custom-made, cold war scenario for Steel Beasts ProPE 4.0.

This is a rather non-typical mission and team.

In order to break the encirclement of part of its forces, a German Panzer Brigade has to break through the enemy's axis of advance and secure a bridge (OBJ Copper).

Tactical map. Right click and open in a new window for a better view.
A company of Leopard 2A4 tanks (Team Kirchner) will advance from the south and provide fire support for Team Weber (3 Marder IFVs, 1 Leopard 2A4 tank), which will approach from the north.

Two recon vehicles pass by our team. The valley that is being used by the ENY is beyond those ridges in the far background.
The enemy (a reinforced tank battalion) has already passed through the valley and the opposition is likely to be from flank protection detachments and the rear guard tank company.

A dangerous dawn for men and machines. Vorwärts!

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