Sunday, August 31, 2014

Operation Wajbah, Civil War in Iraq - Steel Beasts ProPE, Briefing

This AAR is from a fictional custom-made, single player scenario played in Steel Beasts ProPE. No political or moral statement is intended other than the tactics and weapons used in real conflicts here and there. You have been warned, this one hits home in time and space closer to real life. 

The empty desert and the roads that cut their monotony. The chill of the morning and the distant sounds of men putting out cooking fires and readying for battle. The smell of gas and the massive puffs of smoke from armored vehicles heating up their under-maintained engines. A weary Iraqi officer, veteran who by now knows more war than peace, takes a stab at the younger corporals' kit, divesting him of almost everything but his gun, BDU, ammo and water.

This war of blood and faith is a desperate one. And the men of the Iraqi 2nd Motorized Brigade/ 1st Division know it.

The OPFOR has been more or less successful with area denial operations, holding down towns and transportation hubs. The more time the OPFOR is left in control of such places, the more bold they grow with their defensive works.

The area of operations for Wajbah. The OPFOR is in control of the road network with extensive minefields and obstacles near objectives Dolma and Bamieh. A Company (my command) will conduct a breach operation west of OBJ Dolma. 

The main threat from the OPFOR in OBJ Dolma are AT missiles from both Western and Soviet origin. This picture taken from a playtest and for illustration purposes only.

The OPFOR has also an assortment of heavy weapons, most notably AAA guns mounted in trucks.

On our north flank, an heli-borne infantry platoon will take control of OBJ Sarma. This is one of the recent additions to the Steel Beasts ProPE engine: heliborne assaults. I'm going to miss all that action since I am going to be commanding the breach west of OBJ Dolma.

Our company (+) is a mixture of BMP-2s, engineer M113 vehicles and infantry mounted in trucks.
Three tubes of self propelled artillery are standing by in support of our breach.
Our infantry mounted in trucks ... I would rather walk!

It's my first time commanding a breach force.  This MCLIC M113 is maneuvering in the assembly area.
Our only tank platoon is just three tanks. A combination of a US Army leftover (M1A1) and T-72 M1s, this ad-hoc formation is tricky to command because the tanks have different capabilities.
More is coming. Stay tuned.

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