Friday, April 7, 2017

Falcon BMS - Balkans Theater of Operation for BMS 4.33 U3

Have you tried this theater of operations for Falcon BMS? If you have not been following Falcon BMS lately, there were some very nice updates on the 4.33 version (the so-called U1, U2 and U3). You will need to be up to date with the U3 in order to be able to play the Balkans.

That being said, here are some snapshots of my first mission for the "Under Siege" campaign.

Taking off from the Casale airbase was quick and uneventful. Here I am slowing down so my wingman can catch up.
Mission: destroy enemy air defenses. Here I am, cruising at 15,000 feet over the Adriatic Sea, hoping for my HARM missiles to find their targets.
I have been briefed about my target area and I know that the air defenses I will be attacking are around an enemy airbase. But I always get a kick of making up the shape of the target with my ground radar.

Magnum! I located a SA-2 radar (thank goodness for the HTS pod) and I launched my first HARM at it.
For this mission, I tried to stay off the enemy coast. My target was not far inland after all.

In a moment of doubt, I didn't believe on my first HARM guiding to the enemy radar, so I launched a second HARM which went into the ground near the burning remains of my target. 
Lobo1-2, let's go home!

Inbound for landing at Casale airbase.

A shallow glideslope always irate the port workers ...

I'm very happy that this time I got to hit something with my HARMs!



Frankie Kam said...

What a beautiful sim.

JC said...

Thanks for reading Frankie. Still packing a lot of goodness after all these years!