Friday, January 24, 2014

DCS, Updated to Version 1.2.7 - Now Featuring Deadly AI Door Gunners in the UH-1H

I was anxiously waiting for this official update because I heard that -finally- the AI door gunners of the Huey were given brains, eyes and trigger fingers.

I loaded a Huey with two gunners and miniguns and took off for target practice in the skies of Georgia.

I don't think any changes have been made to the flight model of the Huey. Still shows a marked propensity to overreact in the pitch axis, though. No complains, I just learnt to live and fly with that.

From the infantry targets that were here a few seconds ago, the game is over. The Huey is clearly visible in the far background. The  Kentucky windage abilities of the AI gunners of the Huey are a bit uncanny. In this case, we destroyed a well spread infantry squad in a few seconds.

Coming up: a BMP-3 near a bridge. The nice thing of having AI door gunners is that I focus on my approach and evasion without worrying about acquiring targets.
Thaking out the BMP-3 took many rounds, but the driver's unfortunate decision to show us the rear of the vehicle helped us immensely.
The new "crew status" panel shows the ROE and ammo for the co-pilot and door gunners. That smoke billow is from the destroyed BMP-3.
Landing back at the airbase. I am under the impression that the Huey is not doing that dreadful drop to earth thing it used to do when airspeed dropped below 40 mph ...  Placebo effect?
I can't wait to get into deep trouble with this bad boy and the AI gang.



Gibsonm said...

7.62mm took out a BMP-3?

JC said...

LOL. That's right! I didn't even notice the mismatch. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

More great stuff! Thanks!!

Brian L.

Chuck "Magnum" Ankenbauer said...

Very cool, thx for the info... whats the commands to allow them to go weapons free, i'd imagine their in the options/control screen.

JC said...

Hi Chuck,

The commands are [L Alt] [3] and [L Alt] 4. That will cycle the door gunner's ROE.