Monday, March 5, 2012

Combat Mission Battles for Normandy - Commonwealth Forces Module Released

Man, I know it was near release but I wasn't expecting it today.

This new Combat Mission module brings new formations and missions. UK, Canadian, Polish for the Allies and Waffen SS and Luftwaffe Field Divisions, all for some great 3D tactical war gaming.

Grenadiers and tanks of the 3rd SS PzGr. Regiment cautiously move forward for a counterattack. It's 0630 in the morning and the Allied Operation Epsom is not going to flow unchecked.
Canadian troops and armor approach Buron in a perfect summer day.
Woah! Did you notice the open terrain in the screenshot above? After so much fighting through hedgerows along the American troops, I better sharpen up my open terrain tactics. Those German mortars and machine guns will rip my troops apart.



UsF said...

I'm still on the brink about this one or if I should wait for all 3 modules to save on delivery cost.

Also I would like to know if you could maybe look at the Command Ops: Highway to the Reich post you made, since I would like to know how it compares to Battle from the Bulge (I posted in the comments section).

Anonymous said...

Sorry ignore my post, I thought Highway to the Reich was a standalone, earlier released game, not an addon. :/ I got confused.