Sunday, May 22, 2022

DCS AH-64D Apache - Tactics Primer - Rule 3: Avoid the "Dead Man's Zone"

The crest of hills are the worst places to be hovering or flying. Remember to use terrain to mask your helicopter. Fly around hills, not over them.

The dead man's zone concept also applies to flying through wooded areas. Minimize your time over the tree canopy, it may get your helicopter targeted by enemy units located in unexpected areas.

This pilot placed his helicopter above the peak of a hill (crest is marked with a dotted line) and was immediately targeted by 3 ENY tanks.

Using the low side of the hill creates a defilade which can be used to engage the ENY tanks one by one.

Nobody said that the engagements would be fun-less. Note the ENY missile impact on the distal side of the hill (upper right corner).

A pilot's view: note the mass of the hill on the right side, it offers cover from ENY fire coming from 1 o'clock.

Happy hunting!


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