Sunday, December 2, 2018

Battles of North Africa 1941 - Fait Accompli

I'm slowly savoring my way through the latest release from John Tiller Software. In this scenario, the 11th Indian Brigade, supported by the 7th Royal Tank Regiment pinches the defenses of the The Raggruppamento Maletti. This is the Nibeiwa scenario. Spoilers alert!

The northern pinch. The 7th RTR has found the Italian tank crews with their pants down and after demolishing no less than 25 hulls they are poised to continue their advance via Bir Masri. Also, see the Cameron Hihglanders (2nd Battalion) taking advantage of Sid Ka'Bish's lower terrain in their approach towards the objective, Nibeiwa Camp.

The "breaching" of the 7th RTR was actually a shoveling aside the Italian armor and then exploiting the success by quickly moving towards Nibeiwa Camp.

One hour and a half after the scenario start, the first 14 tanks for the 7th RTR had captured the Nibeiwa Camp. Note the men of the 4/7 Rajput Regiment advancing from the south. Their line of departure was south of this screenshot. These men fought ferociously pushing aside Italian defensive positions after an infantrly-oply breach through an obstacle belt.

The neutralization of the Raggruppamento Maletti as a fighting force is a fait accompli. With no discernible reserve of any type, they are now reduced to a collection of isolated positions with not even chances of escaping.
The final situation at 1030. The Allied forces were stopped by just the scenario time limit.

The most impressive thing I saw in this scenario is the toughness of the Indian infantry men, whose prowess moving unscathed through the fire of the Italian infantry positions was unrivaled in any Panzer Battles scenario I have played so far.


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