Sunday, December 3, 2017

DCS: AV-8B Night Attack V/STOL

This week I got the Harrier for DCS World. It's a pre-release version with many missing features, but I'm finding it a fun module with a lot of things to do.

Please join me in a couple of missions I edited and flew.

First Mission: Interdiction at Zugdidi

This thing can take off from a backyard: short take off from Senaki and now on my way to blunt a joint Abkhazian-Russian incursion aimed at Zugdidi.

The mix of old-school indicators, gauges and digital displays is very cool.

The armament control panel, with switches and knobs is a treat to work in heat of combat. Selected, 2 AGM-65Gs which need to be cooled down before launch.

When the AGM-65Gs are ready and uncaged, their seeker's output can be rendered in the left MPCD.

The enemy task force -a company sized combined arms mix- has a Tunguska air defense. Once I detected its radar emissions, I locked an AGM-122 Sidearm onto it. I fired the missile from the distance, not allowing the enemy air defense to fire back.

Note how the radar of the Tunguska vehicle is active.

The Sidearm tracks beautifully ...

... but the terminal guidance is a few meters off.

What did they put into that missile, a tactical nuke? :) The Tunguska is no tank and succumbs to the blast.

I then switched to the Mavericks. Without air defenses, the enemy vehicles are very vulnerable.

Ah, the beauty of stand-off weapons. I didn't even get my Harrier dirty! Note the path of destruction below.

And then back to Senaki for a short landing.

I am still learning to do a full vertical landing. This one was almost ...

A bit rough, but safe. Note the short distance it took to land.

Second Mission: Taking Out Bridges near Poti

This one is in a video format. Take off from the USS Tarawa and bomb some bridges.



Anonymous said...

I quit buying sims from DCS that have missing features. I just don’t.
Why encourage this business model.

JC said...

Why reading this, then?


Paolo said...

*_* Lovely shots (heh) JC! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to ask you do you still play Steel Division?
I was just curious how do you feel about it today (from your initial review).

I finally bought it and I'm less critical now. However I find it very repetitive and somehow bugged. Like Tiger tank being destroyed by 6pdr gun frontal hit from 1000m (happened twice) or Marder surviving multiple side hits from 75mm HE rounds.

Chris Ad

JC said...

Hi Paolo. More is coming. I'm flying this thing non-stop when I have free time. Very addictive.

Glad to see another SD player! Yes I do play it. The things you are seeing are there and I hate them but not enough to stop enjoying the game overall. The last patch even brought AT guns inside buildings, which is debatable. I really don't like when developers put game balance into games with things like you describe. Overall still a good game, even when you have to take it with a grain of salt sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Thx JC,
Maybe we'll get a chance to try each other one day :)
My biggest gripe is 1v1 and any other type of play is like worlds apart. When you play in a Team then the 1v1 gameplay style you picked up is actually the issue.
But it is still enjoyable game. Hope they won't make a Company of Heroes out of it.
Chris Ad