Friday, October 20, 2017

Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 - Operation Pugilist DLC is Out

What a great wargaming weekend ahead, folks.

Graviteam's treat for this weekend and many more is Operation Pugilist, with a new 100 square kilometers of Tunisian battlefield around Wadi Zigzaou-Zarat. The campaign features the engagements of 22-24 March at the Mareth Line (playable from both sides).

I apologize for the dark images, but it is 0400 and the sun is not up yet.

Briefing and maneuver map from the British side.

I started the campaign as the British side and it is a pleasure to play. Just like in the real life battle, my bridgehead across the Zigzaou River is tenuous, with just a few men and a very scant prospect of being reinforced with enough AT guns and tanks.

An illumination flare, who knows from which side, illuminates the river. Down there, at both banks, German and British soldiers are yet to find each other.

A non-obstructed view of the map, showing the fortifications of the Mareth Line and the ample real estate available for historical and fictional scenarios.
The Germans decided to attack my left flank. Maybe a feint? Their artillery preparation was devastating and I hear officers lashing out orders in German. The time has come. Stay tuned.



badanov said...

Beautiful map and graphics. Wonder if the same can be done with Arma 3

JC said...

Hello badanov,

That would be an awesome Arma 3 map, sir!


Chris said...

I just bought Tunisia. Can't wait to try.

Marco said...

Great, these great scenarios keep coming.