Friday, April 14, 2017

Scourge of War Waterloo - Wavre DLC - Pushed From the Dyle - AAR

A new DLC has been released for the Scourge of War Waterloo series. This AAR is for the smallest of the scenarios included in the DLC. I'm in command of a tiny force of Prussians (some 2700 men, no support of any kind), the first contestants against the French trying to link up with Napoleon.

The initial deployment had my forces too exposed to the French (which are advancing from the far background) so I decided to move all my command across the Dyle River.

It's getting crowded at the main crossing, Pont du Christ. One belgian would say, some decades later "we love our German brothers, just not all of them at the same time".

The last battalion to leave the east side of the river rushes under a steady French cannonade. Just see the craters following them.
That mounted officer is my virtual character (Hans August Philipp August von Luck Und Witten) encouraging my humble flank protection (a depleted battalion of Jaegers).
The French (across the river) make the river crossing their first priority. My Prussian troops, packed in column formation steadily waited for them.

The fighting in the streets of Wavre was brutal, as both sides engaged with each other with bayonets.

The relentless push of the French can't be stopped. Troops from all my command (whoever I could grab and bring to the crossing) joined a hopeless fight.

But we were unable to hold for too long.
Until off course I was killed in action. Heroically, leading from the front! :)
It was off course a major defeat, but my troops were able to inflict a lot of casualties to the enemy (some 1600). Off course, my losses were also pretty catastrophic (1300 men).


GH65 said...

Nicely done. Just purchased this add-on myself.

Chris said...

Heroically, it was noted, that all of the Prussian deads' wounds were in the front...

JC said...

Cheers, gents!