Saturday, January 21, 2017

Steel Armor Blaze of War - Attack by Fire

I have this gameplay, non-edited video takes of my ongoing operation against the Mujahideen in Helmand.

I was surprised by how difficult it is to fight enemy dismounts without my own soldaty supporting my tanks. In the following video, which shows the first part of our mission, we place ourselves into successive attack by fire positions. Too dangerous to advance, so we try to wear down the enemy from the distance.

Stay tuned, more coming.


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NW said...

I really found it to be like trying to swat flies with a sledgehammer - if you can get a hit in the same postal code, the 115mm HE-F rounds don't mess around and are great for taking out weapons teams. But it's been so long since I played this that I don't remember if the T-62 has the TSh2B-41 or the improved TSh2B-41U; the difference being that on the former the sight and gun are slaved so that you lose the target almost every time while on the -41U there's a vertical axis stabo and a decoupler so you can keep the sight on target. These are the 1972 upgrade of the T-62 (loader's MG) which means they should also have gotten the TSh2B-41U, but I simply don't recall. Definitely found the MGs to be most useful simply because of that: you can deal with it on tanks, sometimes (low magnification and closer range), but with infantry (unless uncommonly dumb) it's just impossible.

I'm going to reinstall and give it a go again, inspired largely by this video, thanks for that. Looking forward to more on this sweep operation and maybe an AAR too?