Sunday, August 21, 2016

IL-2 Battle of Moscow

This one was released a couple of weeks back as a standalone sim or as a DLC for Battle of Stalingrad (Steam version).

It's good to be back in the "Rata" (I-16), the nimble rascal in which I spent so many hours of flight simulation back when Oleg Madox was in the corner office.

Machine guns were not enough for these German tanks. 

Battle of Moscow includes new planes and a new slice of the huge Eastern Front. This is the city of Rzhev, which witnessed its share of slaughter. Both fall and winter versions of this map are included.

Landing at the Rzhev airbase, a couple of kilometers east of the city proper.

German rocket launchers near Nefedevo. Note the rocket's smoke trails arching towards their target.

The damage I inflicted on this He-111 German bomber was so severe that the crew started bailing out.

"Emergency landing".

Bombing sight of a Pe-2 Soviet aircraft.


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