Friday, June 17, 2016

Scourge of War Quatre Bras Released

Is the weekend shaping great or what? Take a look at NorbSoftDev's release (via Matrix/Slitherine) of the Quatre Bras DLC for Scourge of War Waterloo.

This is a DLC (ownership of Scourge of War Waterloo is required) that includes 5 scenarios in which the player can command British, Prussian or French forces.

The player can command brigades, divisions and corps, depending on the scenario. The mix of scenarios covers the Battle of Quatre Bras quite well, but it is rather odd that no scenario featuring multi-corps command is included.

Several improvements are included in Quatre Bras or the free patch available at Matrix/Slitherine, including (the following from the Matrix/Slitherine website):
  • Added new slider Toolbar for player feedback (mod menu) 
  • Added the 'targeting' logic for cavalry squadrons (see slider toolbar) 
  • Improved Hannover flags added. 
  • Removed the ability for cavalry to capture and bring enemy guns into action. 
  • Removed auto-run reaction of troops under fire. 
  • Increased melee penalty for skirmishers. 
  • Skirmishers now fall back at shorter distance from nearest enemy if supported. 
  • Improved control of TC units when near the enemy and under fire. 
  • Improved Cavalry and Infantry Square logic and dynamics. 
  • Improved brigade command AI. 
  • Reactivated cavalry orders in courier menu. 
  • Added new battle statistics screen on 'end of battle' screen. 
  • Improved AI stances when stationary and when at long range from the enemy. 
  • Historical variant adjustments for WL10 and WL20

Stay tuned for further details about the scenarios and how they play.

Right now the DLC is priced at $17.99, a bargain if all the research, the well designed scenarios and the level of detail in the map are taken into consideration.


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Great shots! Love their games.
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