Sunday, June 12, 2016

Graviteam Tactics Mius Front - Armor Shock

Mius Front is one of the most underrated gems in the history of computer-based, serious tactical wargames. Yes, the interface has all those icons that you wish were different. But we all speak the same language when it comes to wargaming, I want to believe.

As I mentioned before, the many new features of the battle editor add a lot of gameplay for the busy or just impatient armchair commander. In this case I wanted to test my AT gun tactics as a German defender against a computer-controlled Soviet tank detachment.

For a few minutes after contact, my AT guns are firing through keyhole positions as this one. Unable to shoot back and out of LOS, the Soviet tanks scatter and push forward at high speed.

Some of the Soviet tanks take advantage of the AT guns inability to keep track of fast lateral movement. At this range, it is very easy to pick out the AT guns.
In a particularly intense action, a Soviet tank breaks into the village and finds himself in front of one of the German AT guns. In this screenshot, only one of the German gun crew runs away, the rest staying and firing one shell that graces the Soviet tank.

Then, shells are not loaded quick enough as just simply ramming the AT gun. 

Untersturmf├╝hrer Stebler and his men fight until their last shell. The Soviet tanks ignore him and move towards their next objective.


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